Glowing Bubbles

By: Kitty

Aug 27 2008

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Category: photo, Texas


Focal Length:46mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Just playing around with Photoshop. I got a Wacom wirelesss pen tablet today but haven’t used it yet.

I’m sure everyone in this house will miss the laughter from all my amusing photo edit failures. For instance:

Them: What is causing that big black shadow in this photo?
Me: I went crazy with the clone stamp tool again.
Them: Was there a snake in the kitchen?
Me: No I cloned out a purse strap.
Them: It looks like the cabinets are melting.
Me: Okay, okay, I’ll crop it all out.


5 comments on “Glowing Bubbles”

  1. I’ve looked at this more than a few times. It keeps pulling me in.

  2. Hey, that’s cool! Do a stiletto so I can try it out as a header!

  3. Send me that stiletto photo you had on your blog, it takes ten seconds to do this.

  4. That captures my fancy. It has mood and character.

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