Southern France, 2002 (image scanned)

Note the two bodyguards Lance has with him. He was the only cyclist in the Tour to have any. Over a five year period we went to about 10 legs of the Tour de France.

Lance Armstrong announced today he is returning to professional cycling. Yay! I’ll be in France next summer if he does the Tour.


4 comments on “Retour”

  1. Great photo, captures the atmosphere of the Tour.

    Mention the name Armstrong, and I think drugs.

  2. It was at the beginning of a stage. As a bystander, it is difficult to get a photo of any one particular cyclist if they are racing. The entire peloton pass in a second or two.

    Americans don’t accuse Armstrong of using drugs, but just about every Frenchman does. LOL.

  3. “Mention the name Armstrong, and I think drugs.”

    Funny, I think testicular cancer.

  4. Me too, AJ. That’s the reason he is returning to cycling, to raise awareness about cancer.

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