Portrait Artist

A street artist sketching Spanky in Paris (Montmartre) March, 2001. We have since run across this same guy two more times through the years.

Image scanned from 35 mm film print.


10 comments on “Portrait Artist”

  1. LOL – she looks so serious…

  2. That is a great photo.

  3. Thanks, Max, I think I will work on this one some more, I’m not happy with the filter I put on it.

    Michele, she had to stay still for about 30 minutes, poor little thing.

    Luckily this guy was just great with kids. He kept asking her questions to keep her brain busy. Really nice man. We saw him again two years after this (’04) and he did Blane Jr. and Angela’s portraits. It’s funny because I had him do a portrait of Blane Jr. off a wallet photo I had, the day this photo was taken (’02).

    Last year, we went to Montmartre, and guess who we saw wandering around doing portraits? Same guy. Same hat. And he looks like Van Gogh.

  4. I has a portrait done in Montmartre too – with my mother. I still have that.
    She thought she looked old next to me (duh…) so went baclk and had hers done alone. I should find that thing.

  5. You should find them and hang them up, Michele. I have mine hanging in the stairwell.
    These things are treasures.

  6. I should. If I recall, I looked pretty damn good in that portrait, lol.

  7. I have never had a portrait done of myself. The thought of sitting still drives me bonkers. I can sit, but not still.

  8. […] was reminded of this by Kitty, who posted a beautiful photo of Spanky getting her portrait done in […]

  9. What a terrific composition. I love the sense of movement with the wind catching her hair, yet she is still for the photo. Nicely done.

  10. Ah, you have a really good eye. Or at least you like the same thing I like about this photo, that one little strand of hair in the wind.

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