Old School

By: Kitty

Jun 07 2009

Category: photo, Travel


This is just an image I got on my camera phone while in Greece. I was looking out the window and saw this line stung up from one building to another with a couple of CDs hanging on it.
Made me think of file sharing, old school style.

I like the texture on the wall and the “O” on the line.


6 comments on “Old School”

  1. That is a great photo!

    [Funny, I am looking at space, light and texture, lol]

  2. That is a great angle and spiffy texture.

  3. [Michele cracks me up]

  4. I never noticed the CDs until I read your entry. The loop in the wire is the most interesting thing for me.

  5. I’m glad you mentioned the CD’s, because the angle was making me dizzy. I thought it was a raft with people hanging out in nothingness. OK, it may be time to increase my meds.

  6. Maybe I should have left this one in color since the CDs are not really showing up too well.

    I didn’t have much choice with the angle as I was shooting upward and out of a tiny window. The cds were hanging a couple of floors above me.

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