By: Kitty

Sep 15 2010

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Category: photo, Travel


Focal Length:5.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

It is amazing to me that there is a place to park bikes in the middle of an intersection. Still, the traffic in Paris is orderly and if you make a mistake while driving, someone is likely to shake a finger at you. I love the French.

(this monument marks the site where the French Revolution began)

Camera Panasonic DMC-TZ1
Exposure 0.001 sec (1/1000)
Aperture f/5.0
Focal Length 5.2 mm
ISO Speed 80
Flash Off, Did not fire


4 comments on “Parenthesis”

  1. …hello Kitty. With this theme, do you have problems with vertical or square photos? I tried to post a square photo — 650x650px, and it breaks the theme so the photo isn’t framed on all sides.

    Have you ever taken photos in Canada? We’ve got a few things worth looking at…

  2. Hi Gabriel,
    I think you are using the Duotone theme and I am using the monotone. I usually resize (down but not up) the horizontal photos to 1000 wide so I won’t have framing to the right or left of photo.

    I used to live near the Canadian border in Michigan and spent quite a bit of time in Windsor, Toronto, Niagara (5 times in one year!), and I did take a lot of photos which I recently scanned. They aren’t too sharp, however.
    In 2003 we went to Montreal and Quebec City at Christmas time just after I’d gotten my first digital point and shoot camera that week and it snowed like crazy. I will have to dig through my archives and post some of them.
    Yes, Canada is a magnificent place to have a camera. you lucky dog!

    I’ll try and upload a square pic as a test for you and link sometime this weekend.

  3. Just checked, and Monotone is doing the same thing. Actually, your photo is being squished by this theme…

    The first link is how the photo appears in this theme (560px × 746px), the second one is how how you uploaded it (600px × 800px)

    I think the two themes just don’t like photos cropped to a vertical or square. Don’t worry about the test, I’m going to ask WP support for some help in figuring this out.

    I was born in Montreal… the old city / port of Montreal and anywhere in Quebec City are fantastic subjects for photographers. I’d love to shoot Niagara Falls in the winter. I hope you got up the CN Tower while you were in Toronto, I lived there for five years and only went up once, and that was for an event I was covering… I couldn’t get out on the glass floor.

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